Melody’s Vine Picks

With this month’s delicious recipes, learn what wines to serve for perfect pairings.

Antipasto ~ Appetizer

Insalata Di Gamberetti E Rughetta~ Shrimp & Arugula Salad

  • A forkful of this fresh salad and a sip of this Fiano from Puglia, and you’ll be transported to a breezy old stone Masseria, farmhouse, surrounded by century-old olive trees and misty views of Puglia’s marvelous Adriatic sea off in the distance. Fresh pear, pineapple, toasted hazelnuts & honey aromas, along with a fresh taste yet balanced smoothness make this Fiano a perfect pairing.


Primi~ First Course

Pasta Con Crema Di Piselli ~ Pasta with Cream of Peas

  • Pop open a bottle of this sparkling Riesling from Lombardy’s Oltrepo’ Pavese area for a wonderful pairing with the creaminess and aromatic herbs in Chef Clara’s spring pea pasta.


Dolci~ Dessert

Torta di Mele di Primavera ~ Spring Apple Yogurt Cake

  • Serve this cake slightly warm with a wide-rimmed coppa of sweet Moscato d’Asti. Just the right balance of sweetness to accompany the delicate flavors of this apple cake.