Travel Insurance & Post Covid Travel Rescheduling


Post Covid Travel

Cooking Vacations is offering rescheduling options for everyone, including those without travel insurance or failed travel insurance because they did not have a reputable company.   Please do not worry.  Originally this policy covered through 2022 and we have extended to the end of the season 2023. As a protocol, we have to ask if you have travel insurance?  In the event that you need to cancel through your insurance company we will help you file the claim and provide any documentation for your claim.  If you prefer to reschedule, we have explained the policy below for rescheduling during this fragile time to the end of the season 2023 with reservations being made prior and as soon as possible due to the many post covid travelers. 
Cooking Vacations Cancelation Policy  
If you have a confirmed booking (that are either paid in full or with deposits that have been made), regardless of the date of travel, we will work with you to reschedule your trip for future travel for your original reservation and program through December 2021, December 2022;  to the end of the season 2023, no reservations will be honored beyond the end of the season November 2023.  This credit will be equal to the amount already paid.  For all new rescheduled trips the payment must be made in full.  Rescheduled trips need to be booked and completed as soon as possible and are subject to any rate changes/price increases.  No trips are available for rescheduling after the end of the season in November 5, 2023.  Our venders are honoring a postponement through to the end of the November 2023 season. As you know when we make a promise to you, we make a promise to our venders and upon reserving everyone is paid and confirmed in full and we are liable for full payment.  For that reason, and our per our reservation form, we do not offer credits, monies or refunds – all sales are final.  We cannot retract monies once converted and sent to Italy.   Cooking Vacations however under these extreme conditions and to make it fair for everyone, is offering rescheduling options and reservations.  All reschedules must be made as soon as possible and taken before the end  the November 2023 season – it is very busy and spaces are limited due to the post-covid travel.

Kindly let us know your dates immediately and highly suggest confirming your dates as soon as possible because everyone is rescheduling for 2023 and spaces are already filling up.

I am are here for any and all questions, call or email and truly looking forward to welcoming you when the time is right for everyone.  Please let me know what you would like to do.

Cooking Vacations highly suggests travel insurance.  These examples are the most popular ones.  Cooking Vacations does not sell travel insurance, is not responsible for travel insurance and is not affiliated with any of the companies above.