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Welcome to our online shop where we showcase our olive oil and beautiful handmade products from Italy.
Each item is carefully made with gifted hands using the highest quality ingredients.
Happy shopping supporting small artisans who keep the traditions alive.

Italian Christmas Market

Bringing artisans from Italy to you for the holidays.
Make your Christmas, New Years & holidays special this year with handmade gifts from Italy.

~ Positano Lemons ~

Olive Oil & Lemon Oil, Lemon Biscotti & Limoncello Recipe

Includes 1 bottle of olive, 1 bottle of lemon olive oil (extra virgin first-cold pressed 250ml), 1 bakers’ bag of lemon biscotti and our recipe for limoncello.  Gift wrapped on a ruby red cookie platter with festival ribbon.


~ Kisses From Italy ~

Baci Chocolate, Wine Biscotti & Torta Capres Recipe

Includes Baci chocolates made with hazelnuts and pure chocolate (21 pieces gift box), 1 baker’s bag of wine biscotti and a torta Caprese, chocolate cake recipe.  Gift wrapped on a ruby red cookie platter with festive ribbon.


~ Italian Mamma ~

Ceramic Dish Sponge Holder, Oregano Spices & Neapolitan Pasta Recipe

Includes a handmade, hand-painted Italian ceramic in the shape of an Italian Mamma, (this adorable doll sits on your kitchen counter by your sink cleverly holds and hides your kitchen sponge in an open circle on the back side), 1 bag of Cooking Vacations oregano, and a Neapolitan pasta recipe.  Gift wrapped with festival ribbon.


~ Chef’s Trove ~

Olive Oil, Aged Balsamic from Modena, Chef’s Favorite Modena Recipe & Cooking Vacations’ Apron

Includes 1 bottle of extra virgin olive oil, (extra virgin first-cold pressed 250ml), 1 bottle of authentic aged Balsamic from Modena (250 ml) and our our favorite recipe from Modena. Gift wrapped on a ruby red cookie platter with festival ribbon.


Olive Oil Shop

At Cooking Vacations, we produce extra virgin first cold-pressed olive oil from precious olives grown under the warm Mediterranean sun in rich volcanic soil and with salty sea winds. There are over 600 trees, each one over one-hundred-years-old, growing these beautiful olives that are then cold-pressed into pure olive oil.

During the autumn harvest, the olives are picked by hand and immediately pressed on cold stones – therefore the oil has a very low acidic level because there is no oxidation. The olive oil is then bottled in green glass bottles which keeps the sun out and also prevents oxidation.

Our olive oil has a hint of almond and artichoke – due to the two nearby orchards that add to the cross-pollination. Its emerald green color ensures a fresh and pungent flavor.

Extra virgin means that the oil was from the first pressing and cold-pressed means that no heat was used during the process. In order to be called extra virgin, first-cold-pressed, it must follow these guidelines. DOP is the Denominazione di Origine Protetta, meaning that the olive oil has an origin protected domain of production.

Our trees are tenderly cared for throughout the season following biodynamic and organic farming practices. The soil is kept pure which keeps the level of oleic acid very low and natural vitamins and minerals high making it simply exceptional!!

In addition to our extra virgin, we also produce lemon, chilli pepper and rosemary olive oil.

~ Extra Virgin Olive Oil ~

Extra virgin first cold- pressed olive oil offers fresh green olive oil with hints of artichoke and almond. Extra virgin olive oil adds a big flavor to antipasto, pasta, risotto, fish, meat and cheese, and is a healthy ingredient in Mediterranean cooking.

$20  250 ml.
$25 500 ml.
$35 750 ml.

~ Lemon Olive Oil ~

Sfusato limone, Amalfi Coast lemons, are gently pressed into the olive oil for a fresh light citrus flavor.  Accent your pizza, pasta, fish, meat and cheese with our lemon olive oil and you’ll be dreaming of Positano!


$20 250 ml.
$25  500 ml.
$35 750 ml.

~ Rosemary Olive Oil ~

Wild Mediterranean rosemary is pressed into the olive oil giving it a delicate and fresh flavor.  Drizzle rosemary oil on focaccia, fish, chicken, meat and roasted potatoes, and transform your ingredients into a delicious Mediterranean fare!

$20 250 ml.
$25 500 ml.
$35 750 ml.

~ Red Chilli Pepper Olive Oil ~

Olio al pepperoncino, red chilli peppers, grown in the volcanic soil of Vesuvius are pressed with the olive oil.  Drizzle chilli pepper olive oil on pizza, pasta, meat and fish, and you’ll be cooking like an Italian mamma!

$20 250 ml.
$25 500 ml.
$35 750 ml.