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08 – Michelin-Star Chef Karime Lopez Dazzles at Gucci L’Osteria in Florence

Under the tutelage of Michelin-Star Chef Massimo Buttaro, Chef Lopez is wowing guests from around the world with her delicate delicious creations.  Click to listen to our podcast.

07 – The Pope’s Pastry Chef

The scene is delicious.  Creamy butter is scented with vanilla, then sugar is carefully whipped in a silver mixer.  As the butter transforms into a light and airy texture, a heavenly scent zests the air.  In the far corner, a pasticciere, pastry maker, donning a tall white chef’s hat carefully weighs out chopped candied orange that will be added to the batter.  Another baker lays out rows of brown paper baking liners that will soon cradle the delicate batter.  They’ll be baked into beautiful beauties called panettone, an Italian sweet bread.  Follow me to Italy as Chef Salvatore tells me his story on how he first started

06 – Cooking with Italy’s Famous Singing Butcher Dario Cecchini

Rolling Tuscan hills, the scent of grapes permeating the air and the sleepy town of Panzano in Tuscany.  Meet world-famous Dario Cecchini in his butcher shop Antica Macelleria Cecchini as we travel to Tuscany.  A welcoming door is left open and the song Volare by Domenico Modugno plays on.  Inside, a small crowd has already gathered.

There’s a party atmosphere, everyone is sipping Chianti wine, and it’s only 10am on a Sunday morning.  Dario sings as he cuts the Chianina Bistecca, Tuscan steak!  Experience Tuscan food and wine of a lifetime!

05 – Experience La Dolce Vita, Fall In Love, Get Married!

As soon as you land in Roma Fiumicino Airport you can feel the vibe of La Dolce Vita – Passport control men who wink and make conversation and suntanned Italians sipping caffès at the bar exchanging conversations about anything.  Stay a while and fall in love or maybe even marry.

04 – Cross the Ponte Vecchio, Enjoy A Creamy Gelato & Discover The Enchanting Medici Family – Florence

Walk along cobblestone pathways, cross the Ponte Vecchio, discover Renaissance Florence and Catherine Medici in the City of Art!  Enjoy a creamy Florentine gelato – something else that Florence is famous for!  Bring your sketch pad and imagination and let’s go to Florence!

03 – Truffle Hunting In Emilia Romagna

Tie on your aprons and pack your bags because we are going on a truffle hunt with Signor Alberto in the hills of Bologna!  Follow me to Italy and learn how!!!

02 – Cooking Vacations Ingredients To Success

Love to cook?  Join us in our Italian kitchen and learn how to prepare antipasto, fresh pasta,
main courses and delicious desserts.  Cooking Vacations offers hands-on cooking classes and cultural tours in Italy’s 20 regions designed by Lauren.  earn to cook traditional Italian recipes with excellent Chefs, local expert cooks, Nonnas, pastry artisans, and bread and pizza makers.  Our Italian culinary holidays include market, vineyard and cultural landmark tours.  We are Italian and share our love for cooking in our culinary vacations with you.

01 – Falling In Love In Italy – Introduction

In our first podcast, learn how Lauren moves to Positano in southern Italy, meets Rino – an Italian race car driver, falls in love and gets married in an Italian wedding gown.

Italy is a dream place!  The people, the food and lifestyle.  From its bustling caffès, lively piazzas, and colorful outdoor markets.  There’s Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Navona and the cerulean seas of the Amalfi Coast. Travel with your host, Lauren Birmingham Piscitelli, travel, learn how to cook, and maybe, even fall in love.

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