Our Italian Family

Tutti a Tavola

At the turn of the century, Pasquale Scuncio, my great grandfather on my mother’s side, left Naples, Italy and set sail for New York.  In the same era, Lucia Lanni, my great grandmother on my mom’s side, boarded the boat from the port of Naples, Italy and headed for New York.

Costanzo Caparelli, my great grandfather on my father’s side, left Naples, Italy and set sail to New York also.  Antonia D’Agastino, my great grandma on my father’s side, also boarded a boat from Naples, Italy and headed to New York at the turn-of-the-century.

Four young souls, traveling in the same direction, not knowing one another, and unaware of where their fate would take them.  My family left Italy and its everlasting beauty.  They headed for America in search of a better life.  They took with them their culture, and kept alive their traditions.

In America, Pasquale fell in love with Lucia and they married.  Costanzo fell in love with Antonia and they married.  This is our family.

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