Guide to Cooking School Vacations in Italy

by Betsy Young

An epicurean’s delight, infusion of local culture, eat your way through Italy and learn their cooking secrets too. The culinary school vacation is one of the best ways to literally taste your way into a region and touch its very soul. Italy with it’s slow food movement and diverse regional fare has the most developed group of highly touted cooking school vacations of any country in the world. These range from one day specialty training to more intense food immersion classes.

Get the whole family involved with the Cooking Vacation’s kid’s tours where children as young as three are invited to participate and five to ten year olds can dive right in. This is just a part of the Secret Garden Positano Cooking School vacation geared to indulge the whole family.

Take it to the top with a ten day multiregional cooking extravaganza hosted by American Chef Todd English. This tour starts in the $1000 a day range and is every Italian Foodies dream trip.

For more trips and information

The official government tourism site www.enit.it