What To Expect From Cooking Vacations

French cooking schools

It is that time of year again to be planning the family vacation. Perhaps you are more interested in taking a couple’s vacation and leaving the children behind. It can be tough trying to decide what to do and where to go. Have you ever considered cooking vacations? It is a great way to see the world and learn regional dishes from the places you visit. One website to take a look at is www.cooking-vacations.com.

Do not expect cooking vacations to be the same thing as attending the best culinary schools in the country. You will not earn a diploma and you will not learn every type of cuisine. Sure, you may take an Italian or French tour but you will not be enrolled in French or Italian cooking schools. You need to think in simpler terms when it comes to what you will learn. You will not come out of the tour as a executive chef, but you will come out with a more appreciative view of preparing food that you love.

Now for what these vacations are and what they mean to you as the vacationer. You can expect several different programs and options when booking one of these vacations. They include: Italian tours, women only tours, Todd English tours, kids programs, corporate tours, couples and French tours.

The website has a listing of each different location that is offered on each particular tour. You may want to visit Southern Italy and feast in the open air kitchens that offer far more than just a scenic view. The one thing in common with all of the programs is that each locale features an organic garden so that you will be cooking seasonal foods and foods indigenous to that particular region.

The website also offers recipes from the different regions, as well as travel tips and much, much more. If you are a fan of Italian and French cooking, then this may be the vacation that you have dreamed of taking. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the regions and to have the chance to cook in the kitchens of such places as rustic farmhouses or luxurious estates.

Lauren Scuncio Birmingham is the creator of the cooking vacations at www.cooking-vacations.com. Her goal was to share her own and her family’s love of cooking with others. She started the cooking vacation idea as a way to pay homage to her grandmother Donna and has since made quite a big impact on the culinary community. People love the idea of learning simple yet outstanding dishes created by the people who eat them every day. It is that love of cooking that has people returning year after year to take the different tours. You can embrace the love of cooking as well by booking one of her tours. As her website says, “la dolce vita is not just a special vacation it is a way of life.”