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Cooking Vacation
Although we don’t all have an Italian nana to pass down treasured family recipes, there’s still a way to learn to cook like an Italian chef. Cooking Vacations offers culinary trips to 12 different regions in Italy, from the hills of Tuscany to the coast of Sicily. You will be taken back a century to experience the culinary offerings of the countryside. Visit the market for fresh organic produce, the fish market at dawn, and the local vineyard for a bottle of vino. Experience the Lemon Lifestyle on the Amalfi Coast featuring an “all lemon menu”, ($2900/pp for 8 days/7 nights). Take the VIP tour of Tuscany and learn the art of making fresh pasta and tiramisu ($2375/pp, 8 days/7 nights). Or venture to Sicily and discover the benefits of incorporating olive oil into your diet ($855/pp, 3 days/2 nights). Now when someone asks, “What’s your signature dish?” you’ll finally have an impressive answer.