Olive Oils & Spices

At Cooking Vacations we make our own extra virgin, first cold pressed olive oil from precious olives that have been tenderly cared for by our grower Signor Salvatore.  The olive grove has 600 trees that are over 100 years old growing in rich volcanic soil under warm Mediterranean sun and caressed by the salty sea wind all year long. When the olives are ripe, we pick and press them in less than 24 hours then bottle the oil immediately in limited quantities. Our oil has a very low level of oleic acid giving it more natural vitamins and minerals. It has notes of green grass, almond and artichoke. We also produce lemon, chili pepper and rosemary oil, natural flavors that go well with our cuisine on the Amalfi Coast.

Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed

Our extra virgin first cold pressed olive oil has a green hue and fruity taste with hints of fresh cut grass, green apple and almond. Extra oil olive oil and adds a fresh touch to antipasto, pasta, risotto, fish, meat and cheese.  Extra virgin first cold pressed olive oil is the key ingredient in all Mediterranean-style cooking.

$4.50    1ooml.
$ 9.50   250 ml.
$ 15.50 500 ml.
$ 22     750 ml.

Lemon Olive Oil

Sfusato, Amalfi Coast lemons, are gently pressed cold for our unique lemon olive oil. The olive oil has a delicate hint of lemon and adds a fresh touch to summer salads, lemon pasta, risotto, grilled fish, meats, and cheese; we also use it in baking.

$14    250 ml.
$25   500 ml.

Red Pepper Olive Oil

Olio al pepperoncino, olive oil with red chili peppers, has a peppery taste and adds a Neapolitan touch to pasta, pizza, meat and fish.

$15    250 ml.
$25    500 ml.

Olive Oils


Zucchini and garden fresh herbs are the secret ingredients in our Zucchini herbs. Soak the zucchini in a ¼ cup of water or white wine for 5 minutes. Meanwhile warm the olive oil in a sauté pan and add the Positano herb mix. When the pasta is al dente add the cooked pasta to the pan of ingredients and stir. This brings the flavor of summer to your table all year long

$4 30 grams

Risotto al Limone

Creamy lemon risotto is made easy with the coveted sfusato lemons and Italian rice. In minutes, mix, simmer and serve. Serve our Risotto al Limone with a garnish of lemon oil and taste the flavor of Italy in your kitchen.

$5.50    250 grams


Olives, sun dried tomatoes, capers and garlic are the secret ingredients for Puttanesca. Soak the dried ingredients in a ¼ cup of water or white wine for 5 minutes. In the meantime warm olive oil and garlic in a sauté pan and add the Puttanesca herbs to the pan. When the pasta is al dente, drain, add it to the pan and mix. Instantly the flavors of Italian Puttanesca fill your kitchen!

$4    30 grams

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Where would pizza, pasta and sauces be without the tomato! Tomatoes in Italy are used in abundance and are the base in so many Neapolitan recipes. Grown in volcanic soil and sun dried to perfection, our Sun Dried Tomatoes are sweet, delicious and available all year long. Drop them in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes, remove, let dry and serve with olive oil, sea salt and basil.

$4   100 grams 


Our Italian oregano is a key ingredient found in every Italian kitchen. Sprinkled on focaccia , bruschetta, in tomato sauces, on pizza and meats, oregano is an Italian herb used in abundance. It is derived from the Greek word origanon, literally translating to mountain of joy.

$4   50 grams

Red Chili Peppers

A staple in Neapolitan cooking, spicy hot chili peppers add a kick to antipasto, sauces, pasta, meats, pizza and even chocolate.

$4  50 grams

Olive Oils