Bongo or Profiterole

Cream Puffs

Bongo or Profiterole

Bongo, also known as profiterole, are a classic recipe that combines delicate choux pastry filled with a yellow cooked cream, and garnished with melted dark chocolate or dusted with Confectioner's sugar.  Profiteroles are a Florentine recipe and were brought to France when Catherine Medici married the French king.

Makes about 24.

Difficulty: Intermediate Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


For the bigné

For the Chantilly cream

For the chocolate ganache


  1. For the Bigné

    Heat the water in a pan, add the butter and a pinch of salt. Bring to the boil.

    When the butter has melted, sieve in the flour whisking very quickly until all the liquid has been absorbed and continue until you obtain a smooth mixture with no lumps. Continue to cook over a medium heat, beating until the mixture comes away from the bottom and sides of the pan and makes a sizzling noise. Turn the dough onto a damp work surface and flatten with the back of a spoon.

    When the dough is lukewarm to cold, place it in a bowl and beat in the eggs, one at a time, using an electric whisk until the dough becomes smooth and shiny.

    Prepare a buttered baking sheet. Place the dough in a piping bag with a plain nozzle, and pipe the mixture into small balls, eclairs or rings in lines across the baking sheet. Bake in an oven preheated to 200°C (390 F°) for about 15 minutes, then low the heat to 180° (355 F°) for about 20 minutes more.

  2. For the Chantilly cream

    Pour the cream in a cold bowl and start to whip. When the cream gets harder, add half of the icing sugar, then the rest of the sugar and continue until the cream is stiff.

    Pour the cream in a pastry bag with a smooth nozzle and fill the small balls.

  3. For the chocolate ganache

    Chop the chocolate.

    Put water and sugar in a pan and bring to the boiling, add the liquid cream and leave it boil shortly. Add half of the chocolate and whisk, add the other half chocolate and whisk until melted. Leave the pot on a side to cool 30-32° (86 to 89 F°).

    When all balls are filled, deep each of them, for its half, in the chocolate cream and form your cake as a pyramid.

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