Semifreddo al Caffè

Coffee Semifreddo

Semifreddo al Caffè

Semifreddo, translating to half-frozen, is an Italian type of ice cream made with cream and scented with any flavor - from coffee to lemon, hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, peach, strawberry and apricot - to name a few. As with all Italian cooking, fresh farm-to-table ingredients are used in the rhythm of seasons and so fruits and flavors vary throughout the year. The preparation is simple: whip heavy cream into stiff peaks, gently fold in the sugar, egg yolks, fruit and flavor or fruit, then pour into a mould and place in the freezer. When you are ready to serve, remove from the freezer and leave it out for about 20 minutes so it softens before cutting and platting. You can garnish with whipped cream, mint leaves or fresh fruit. Although Italians love their semifreddo, they deeply love semifreddo al caffè because they adore espresso - after all Italy is the birthplace of espresso! Semifreddo is enjoyed year round in Italy- from warm summer days, as a dessert and sometimes for no reason at all. Tie on your apron and give this recipe a try! We guarantee you will be making and remaking it over and again.

Difficulty: Intermediate Servings: 6



  1. Coffee

    Make a strong Italian coffee style and while is still hot add the instant coffee too. Whip the egg yolks with the sugar until you get a full, fluffy mixture. Slowly pour the hot coffee in, stirring it gently. Leave until it becomes cold.

  2. Cream

    Now whip the cream until peaks form adding a little bit of icing sugar. Fold the cream into the coffee mixture and add what you like more: dark chocolate drops, toasted almonds, meringues or …. !

  3. Assembly

    Pour the coffee mixture in a rectangular silicon mould and cover with a sheet of baking paper or a film, put in the freezer for around 6 hours.

    Once ready, turn the semifreddo upside down on a rectangular plate and serve it cut into thick slices
    I like to make in individual cups

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