Crostata Di Frutta

Fresh Fruit Tart

Crostata Di Frutta

Crostata di Fruttai is a delightful Italian fresh fruit tart that showcases the vibrant flavors of seasonal fruits. This timeless dessert can be traced back to the pre-Christian era and has a long and cherished history. Crostata even has a dedicated national day on September 9th.

The tart crust is typically made with a buttery and crumbly shortcrust pastry, filled with a luscious pastry cream or jam, and topped with an assortment of fresh fruits such as berries, peaches, or citrus slices. Crostata di Frutta is a true celebration of simplicity and elegance, with the natural sweetness of the fruits taking center stage.

This recipe makes 2 tarts of about 25 cm each (10 inches)

Difficulty: Intermediate Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Pasta Frolla ~ Short Crust Pastry

Crema Pasticciera ~ Pastry Cream


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