Dolcine al Cocco

Coconut Ricotta Balls

Dolcine al Cocco

Indulge in Italian sweetness with dolcine al cocco – coconut ricotta balls - an ancient recipe from from a prized Italian wine maker in the hills of Tramonti.

This no-bake delicacy combines creamy ricotta, sugar, and shredded coconut into bite-sized balls that are chilled to perfection, then rolled in extra coconut for a festive finish. Optionally, add cocoa powder to half the mixture for a chocolate variant.

These confections are a testament to the effortless charm of Italian desserts, ideal for a light after-dinner delight or a companion to your afternoon coffee. 

Recipes makes about 40 balls.

Difficulty: Beginner Best Season: Winter



  1. In a mixing bowl, mix Ricotta, sugar and coconut until smooth. Roll teaspoonfuls of the Ricotta mixture into balls, and roll in coconut. Place on serving dish and chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

    Variation: add 1-2 tbsp cocoa powder (until desired color) to half of the Ricotta mixture, to make half white and have chocolate balls.

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