Bergamo ~ City Of One Thousand Flavors™

Bergamo 1 Day Cooking Class with Chef Betta

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Join Chef Betta, for our Bergamo cooking class.  Chef Betta is native of Bergamo and she leads our hands-on cooking class preparing seasonal local recipes in the heart of Lombardy.  Hailed the city of one thousand flavors, Bergamo offers variety of flavors for all food lovers.

Skilled in artful cooking, Chef Betta guides each guest through the kitchen, chopping, sautéing and creating local seasonal antipasto, fresh pasta and dessert.

Bergamo Cooking Class

Our Bergamo cooking class starts out with an introduction on the local products of Bergamo, questions are welcomed and then it’s onto cooking.  The first course is antipasto, and when in season, you will learn how to prepare the famous, scarola dei colli, a special crop of escarole from Lombardy that is considered a delicacy.  Pasta or polenta follows including polenta targana, made with alpine cheese and butter then topped with sage and garlic.  Then it’s onto traditional pasta, casoncelli, a ravioli stuffed with dry bread, eggs, Parmesan cheese, ground salami, roast beef, macaroons, raisins, freshly cut Williams pear, spices, lemon zest, garlic and parsley then served with melted butter, bacon, garlic, sage and grated cheese.  Scarpinocc Parre, another hearty pasta, is known as the local lean ravioli, and comes from the name of soft peasant shoes in dialect. It’s delicate pasta dough is made with wheat flour, semolina, eggs, butter and milk with a filling of Grana Padano, bread crumbs, parsley, butter, salt, eggs, garlic, spices and milk.

In our Bergamo cooking class desserts are tempting and sweet, but the most sought after is the tea cake called donizetti.  This soft ring-shaped cake is made with flour, eggs, sugar, butter and yeast along with pineapple, candied apricots, maraschino and vanilla.  Another traditional cake is the turta de trei, or the cake of Treviglio, delicately flavored with an filling of almonds, butter, eggs and sugar filling.

Everyone enjoys the foods prepared following our Bergamo cooking class with a toast of Lombardy’s famous Valcalepio DOC red -Merlot and Cabernet or Pinot Grigio.

Tie on your apron and let’s get cooking with Chef Betta.

Program Includes:

  • Hands-on cooking class including the preparation of a three-course menu: appetizer, first course, and dessert.
  • Lunch/ Dinner follows on the foods prepared in class. A toast of local wine included, with additional wines, beverages, after-dinner liqueur and caffè available at a surcharge.
  • Recipe booklet and cooking diploma.
Program Price:

$255 per person, based on minimum 2 people. Taxes & Italian VAT included.

Please call for single supplement pricing.

Morning Classes start at 10am & Afternoon Classes start at 4:00pm.

*Friends or family members in your group, who are not cooking, and want to join for lunch or dinner following the class, need to reserve in advance. Call to inquire about menus and pricing

*Please note: One-day cooking classes do not include transportation, accommodations, or any other excursions. If you would like to add on transfers to and from your hotel or cruise ship port ~ please let us know your group size and we will be happy to reserve transfers for you. Transfers are an extra cost.