Food & Wine of Catania™

Cooking Class & Market Tour, Shop with Chef Davide ~ 1 Day

catania-cooking-classes catania-cooking-classes-02 spaghetti-alici catania-cooking-classes-03 Catania Cooking Classes  

Join us in our Sicilian kitchen with Chef Davide for a hands-on cooking experience in the heart of Catania.  Davide leads guests through a guided market tour in our Shop With The Chef Tour showcasing Catania’s Mediterranean foods.  After the market tour, everyone returns to the kitchen for your hands-on cooking class.

Visit the fishmonger to choose the best fresh catch of the day in Catania’s famous fish market.  Shop for ingredients for the cooking class, while learning about local in-season products.  You can also choose to visit the Market La Fiera, the most famous market in Catania where you will see colorful fruit & vegetable and butchers for the region’s best.  You’ll shop for local seasonal ingredients that’ll be used for your cooking class – all while learning about the food traditions of Sicily.

After the market visit, we head into the kitchen for hands-on cooking Catania’s Sicilian specialties.  You will prepare pasta alla Norma, the famous Catanian dish, just the way Vincenzo Bellini, Italian opera composer, admired – this pasta and eggplant recipe was his favorite.  Choose from Sicilian tuna or squid.  Many recipes in Sicily also include oranges, picked by hand and grown under the Sicilian sun.  And desserts!  Food lovers say, Sicilian desserts are the best, and you’ll soon see why, with cannoli, cassata, and biscotti often made with almonds of Avola.

Let’s tie on our aprons and get cooking with Chef Davide as he shows us the sights and flavors of this historical city.

Catania Cooking Classes

Chef Davide fell in love with the kitchen while growing up in Catania.  His first stint was under Carmelo Chiaromante, a prominent Sicilian chef who taught him the value of Sicily’s fine fish selection along with its precious almonds and pistachios.  After cooking on the international scene in Copenhagen, Chef Davide returned to his beloved Catania with an innovative eye, where he was eager to share his passion for his seaside home and its enviable produce and beautiful climate.

Each cooking class has you preparing a four course meal – antipasto, for example of eggplant and baked ricotta cheese.  Next, you will mix and roll fresh Ravioli alla Norma.  Main courses follow with tuna fillet with pistachio crust and hand-selected seasonal vegetables or meat if you prefer.  For the finale, you’ll prepare a traditional Sicilian dolce of spinella pears picked on Mt. Etna cooking then dipped in caramel sauce.   

Cooking Class and Market Tours are available Monday-Saturday and begin at 9:45am. Cooking classes are 2.5 to 3 hours.  We provide cruise port pick-up and return transfers, just call for details and pricing pending the size of your group.

Program Includes

  • Shop with the Chef Market tour with tastings.
  • Hands-on cooking class including the preparation of a four-course traditional Catania menu.
  • Lunch is included and includes the foods prepared in the cooking class. Local wine, and beverages included.
  • Recipe booklet and aprons.
Program Prices:
  • $195 per person, based on minimum of 2 people,

* Please note: One-day cooking classes do not include transportation, accommodations, or any other excursions.  If you would like to add on transfers to and from your hotel or cruise ship port ~ please let us know your group size and we will be happy to provide a price and reserve the transfer(s) for you.  If you have a non-cooker who would like dine, but not cook, please let us know and we will also send you pricing.

Check Availability

2021 Dates: This program is available throughout the year and cooking classes are held every day. Rates are subject to change based on currency exchange. Call for updated rates. Airfare not included. Group transfers for any cooking tour or tours that include transfers, are for the group and are not private. Transfers before, after or to another destination outside of your cooking tour are not included in the program price. If you would like to add on a private transfer or transfers, let us know and we will send you pricing.