Vesuvius Award-Winning Winery™

Vesuvio Wine Tasting & Cooking Class~1 Day Tour

Award-Winning Mount Vesuvius Winery: Tour with Cooking Class

Join us for a full day tour wine tour, tasting and cooking class to our award-winning winery set between Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

Ancient Mount Vesuvius looms above this picturesque vineyard, which spans its verdant slopes, providing spectacular wines and views. Green pastures, rich farmland and a beautiful view overlooking the coast of Naples are awaiting!
During this tour, you will learn about the precious grapes that grow in the dark, lavic soil; this unique terroir creates the grapes that produce the famous Lacryma Christi, Tears of Christ, wine. During your winery tour, you will walk through the vineyard whose rows of ancient vines hang onto wood pergolas – set against breathtaking views of the Bay of Naples, the Sorrentine peninsula, and Capri. Spend the day with us and learn about the different grape varieties and cultivation methods of Mount Vesuvius, while sipping and swirling. Following the vineyard tour, your guide will continue inside the cantina where you will learn how the precious Lacryma Christi and how this wine is produced. After your winery tour, enjoy a traditional Neapolitan hands-on cooking class.

Neapolitan Hands-On Cooking Class

Tie on your apron and sip a vino aperitivo while you get cooking in your hands-on cooking class! You will learn how to prepare recipes with precious ingredients unique to Mount Vesuvius, and you’ll discover the history behind them. Hand-pick the ingredients for your class straight from the vineyard’s organic garden, then head to the kitchen your Chef Maria and get ready to cook up a storm! You will prepare a three-course traditional Neapolitan menu including ravioli alla caprese, parmigiana alla napoletana, eggplant parmesan with a local Neapolitan twist – paired with wine. And for dessert, tort di mandorle al limone, a sweet almond cake scented with Amalfi Coast lemons, and paired with the vineyard’s apricot liqueur. Of course, your hard work in the kitchen will be rewarded with four tastings of the award-winning winery’s Lacryma Christi wines, perfectly paired with your meal.

Following, walk in the vineyard, bring your camera and take in the beautiful landscapes of Mount Vesuvius.

Program Includes:

Vineyard Tour, Wine Tasting and Cooking Class.

Program Prices:

$225 per person, based on minimum 2 guests.

*Please note: One-day cooking classes and tours do not include transportation, accommodations, or any other excursions.

If you would like to add on transfers to and from your hotel or cruise ship port ~ please let us know your group size and we will be happy to reserve transfers for you. (Extra cost).

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